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Wild River Mini Golf

Big Don and FamilyBig Don’s Wild River Mini Golf is more than just another mini golf course.  Big Don’s is huge!  It is a full-scale family entertainment center. 

Big Don's has ambiance with six waterfalls, three ponds, cascading rivers, and a beaver lodge.

Big Don's Wild River Mini Golf is located on Route 31 in historic Cicero.

It is not widely known that Rte 31 started out as a wagon trail in NY's early history.  It was one of the main thoroughfares upon which early settlers traveled when pioneering upstate NY and points west.

The mini golf course is situated on this historic path and is themed to reflect and honor the outdoor history of Central New York.



Wild River Mini GolfThe imaginative golf course captures the wilderness setting of Central New York circa 1750.

The course is filled with the ambient sounds of nature and is filled with wild animal sculptures so lifelike you have to take a second look. Keep an eye out for the two bears, moose, cougar, wolf, red fox, and two beavers. 

Big Don is committed to improving his entertainment facility and reinvests in it regularly.  He wants his mini golf course to be the kind of facility where every season when you come back, you’ll notice the improvements and positive changes.

Wild River Mini Golf has package deals and special offers listed on the Wild River Mini Golf web site.  Be sure to visit for the latest offer.


panning for gemsIn addition to the mini golf, Big Don’s also offers these attractions:

  • Amaz'en Maze
  • Squirt Tube Frenzy
  • Rock Climbing
  • Gemstone Panning
  • Treasure Digs
  • Beach Comber Coin Hunt
  • Bounce House and Slide

Check out the Wild River Mini Golf web site to see what’s new.





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