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Whimsy - Crafts, Parties, Gifts and More

Whimsy - crafts, parties, gifts and more

Arts and CraftsWhimsy is a 4,000 square foot facility located in Framingham Mass that caters to everyone’s need for FUN.  Whimsy is a creativity store that offers arts and crafts for the whole family.

Artists, young and old, can choose from a variety of art projects. 

Whimsy is a great choice for birthday parties, scout outings, school field trips and other special events.


Parties at Whimsy


Mining for gemstonesWhimsy is also the first store of its kind with a mining sluice - providing another educational, creative option that is fun for all ages.  Learn the art of gem panning with our indoor mining operation. Explorers sift mining rough in our muddy river and discover genuine collector rocks and gemstones.  You can find Amethyst, Citrine, Fools Gold, and sometimes you may even find an arrowhead or two. Best of all, you can take home what you find.  Are you ready to become a treasure hunter?.

Great crafts, cool toys, yummy snacks, a one of a kind environment ...Whimsy has something for everyone.  Visit the Whimsy web site to find out more about field trips and school visits.





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