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Wall Drug Store

Wall Drug Store in South Dakota

Wall Drug is the famous road side attraction in South Dakota that offers a little something for everyone.  Established in 1931, Wall Drug started out small and attracted customers by offering ice water to cool off.  As time went by, Wall Drug grew and grew.  Today, Wall has many attractions and a cafe that offers tasty meals to hungry travelers.  The video below tells the story of Wall Drug.


Have fun at the water tower

If you visit Wall Drug, be sure to have a change of clothes for the kids so they can play at the water tower.  This fun activity is a perfect way to cool off when the summer heat is oppressive.


While at Wall Drug, try your hands at treasure hunting.  You can go sluicing for gems, explore a mine or dig in the bonanza box and find precious gemstones and fossils. 


Find out more about Wall Drug by visiting their web site.




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