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Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

The Vala FamilyVala’s Pumpkin Patch is a family run farm.  The farm is a 152 acre operation.  When you mention Vala’s to a local, the first thing that comes to mind is the pumpkins they raise (nearly 55 acres of pumpkins) and their Fall Festival. 

Each fall around September Vala’s opens for the season.  The farm becomes an annual attraction that draws visitors from all around.  Filled with activities for the whole family, Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is a wonderful introduction to the coming Halloween season.

Just look at all the activities going on at Vala’s:

Pig Races – Cheer on your favorite pig as it races around the track in hot pursuit of an Oreo Cookie!

Pumpkin Eating Dragon Show – Help the Dragon handler every hour on the half-hour, as Xander the Dragon wakes up expecting to eat his favorite food: pumpkins!

Howl-at-the-Moon Stage Shows – A variety of live shows entertain visitors

Scarecrow Band – One of Vala’s oldest performing groups, the Scarecrow Band sings a variety of songs all day long.

Pumpkin Chuckin’ Cannon Show – Watch as pumpkins are chucked up to one half mile!

Tractor Rides, Train Rides, and Paddle Cars – Fun rides for all

Pumpkin Mine – Vala’s zaniest walk-through attraction takes you inside a mine, where workers are chipping away, braving cave-ins and flash floods. Watch out for Tumbling Rock Cavern at the end! For ages 5 and up. Cost: Free with Admission

Storybook Barn – Storybook Lane takes you past all of your favorite nursery rhyme and fairytale characters. This is NOT a scary attraction, and it is appropriate for all ages. Cost: Free with Admision

Haunted House – The original 100-year-old farmhouse on Vala’s Farm now houses ghosts and spooky characters eager to add to their legion. Stop in and say hello, if you dare. For ages 7 and up. Cost: Free with Admission

Spook Shed – This original Farm Shed is filled with cute and non-threatening spooks, meant to entertain young children without scaring them. The scariest thing about it is the darkness and noises. For ages 2 to 10. Cost: Free with Admission

Giant Sling Shot – Use a giant sling shot to hit targets with apples. This is the most extreme opportunity you will ever have to “play with your food.”

Shopping - Vala’s is a working farm, so besides all of the fun entertainment, you also have plenty of opportunities to shop for gifts and produce! 

Need more details?  Visit Vala’s web site which has info about group field trips, directions to the farm as well as many other tid bits of info about the farm.




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