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The Fun Spot

The Fun Spot

The Fun Spot is an entertainment facility that offers family fun, in a well supervised environment.

So, what can you do at the Fun Spot?  Lets take a look:

Go KartsGo Karts - Experience the thrill of racing around the track!  There is a bridge, underpass, and hairpin turns. 

You must be at least 54" to drive yourself on the main track. 

There is also a Mini Racer track for younger kids to drive themselves.


Gold Rush Adventure GolfGold Rush Adventure Golf! Great for all ages. This is an 18 Hole mini golf course featuring a mining theme. You can enjoy a relaxing round of golf surrounded by cascading waterfalls, caves and streams. There is a fish pond within the course where you can feed the koi fish.

In the clubhouse, you can continue the fun by going mining.  Sift through dirt to find a large variety of gemstones and minerals.

Laser TagLaser Tag - This high energy activity is set in an outer space themed environment.  The high energy music keeps up with the pace of this activity, but pay attention or you will be tagged.

The mission for you and your team is to tag your opponents and their base station with your laser beam for points.  After each successful tag your vest will congratulate you and keep track of the points you have earned.  At the end of the 10 minute session, everyone is issued a scorecard that shows your score and player rank as well as the scores for both teams.  This is lots of fun and a great activity for a party.

Roller Skating - The skating center is open year round for rollerblading or roller skating.  The skating center spins Top 40 music and enhances the ring with special effect lighting.  You can rent rollerblades and skates or bring your own.

The Fun Spot is perfect for group outings, private parties, and birthday parties. If you are ready to plan your next party, visit the Fun Spot web site.





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