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Spruce Creek Mining Company

Spruce Creek Mining Company

Located in Port Orange Florida near Daytona Beach, Spruce Creek Mining Company offers  mobile mining attractions that teach young and old alike what it was like to pan or dig for hidden treasures during the "Gold Rush" Era of the mid 1800's.  These attractions are not only educational, but loads of fun and as you can see by the pictures, they draw big crowds of enthusiastic miners!

Spruce Creek Gem Panning

Gemstone Panning

The Spruce Creek gemstone panning sluice is a working replica of an actual mining sluice.  Water rushes down the sluice and provides the means for miners to wash their mining rough with the help of a screened box.  By placing some of the mining rough into the screen and letting the sluice wash away the the dirt, what is revealed is treasure!  Miners will find real gemstones.  There are over fifty different specimens from around the world that could be found in a bag of mining rough, so you never know what you will find.  Each bag is different, so the excitement never ends.  For the true collector you can try and find an example of each of the fifty specimens.  A identification chart makes it easy to identify what treasures you have found and best of all, you keep everything you find!


Young miners ready to enter the mine

The Spruce Creek Mine

The Spruce Creek Mine is an 18 foot trailer that has been converted into a replica of a mine. Young miners put on a hard hat with light and enter the mine in search for hidden treasures.  Working the the dark mine, miners must utilize the light from their hard hat and search the nooks are crannies of the mine for treasure.  Hidden within the mine are real gemstones.  Young miners enjoy the thrill of striking it rich at the Spruce Creek Mine.


The Spruce Creek Mining attractions are great entertainment venues for public events including:

  • Art / Craft Fairs
  • Birthday Parties
  • Boy and Girl Scout Events
  • Car Shows
  • Children’s Organizations
  • Corporate Outings
  • Grand Openings
  • Holiday Fairs
  • Kids Fests
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • School Events & PTA
  • Town Fairs


Find out where Spruce Creek Mining Company will be next by visiting their events page on the Spruce Creek Mining web site.



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