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Sequoyah Caverns


Sequoyah CavernsCome to Sequoyah Caverns and explore the beauty that only mother nature could create.  Located in Valley Head, Alabama, Sequoyah Caverns and Ellis Homestead has a world of adventure waiting for young and old alike.



Sequoyah Caverns and Ellis Homestead

There is plenty to do at Sequoyah Caverns.  Start your day with a guided tour and explore the caves, then spend a leisurely afternoon touring the Ellis Homestead.  Be sure to stop by the crafts cabin, you never know what you’ll find in this 160 year old cabin.  Finish your day off with the excitement of gem mining!  You can mine for beautiful, multicolored gems just like the settlers did years ago.  Who knows what treasures you will find.

Sequoyah Caverns in Valley Head, Alabama offers a full day of fun for the whole family.  To find out more, visit the Sequoyah Caverns and Ellis Homestead web site.





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