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Ranch Okoboji

Ranch Okoboji Mini GolfRanch Okoboji is a family fun center, located in the heart of Okoboji. Known for it’s 18-hole mini-golf course, Ranch Okoboji draws people from all around looking for a fun afternoon.  The mini golf course is the most popular attraction at the ranch, but there are tons of other activities to partake in as well.  Just look at some of the many things you can do on your visit to Ranch Okoboji:

Sand Volleyball Court
Whether you are a pro or just out for some afternoon fun, the sand volleyball court is available for some fun in the sun.

Frisbee Golf
Just like golf, but with a Frisbee.  Test your skill and accuracy as you make your way around the course.

An old time favorite.  The game of horseshoes is simple to play, but requires skill to master.  Can you get a ringer?

Bocce Ball
The lakes area's FIRST and ONLY Bocce Ball court. Bocce Ball is Italian Lawn Bowling.  It is lots of fun.  Don’t know how to play Bocce Ball?  Don’t worry, the ranch staff will supply the equipment and the instructions.

Tyotee's Wild Mining AdventureThe most exciting addition to the ranch is Tyotee's Wild Mining Adventure.  Imagine switching on your miner's headlamp and searching through dark caves for rare gemstones, fossils and arrowheads.

Look closely in the cracks and crevices, and you're likely to uncover exciting keepsakes.

Then, try panning for gemstones in the always-exciting sluice.

In the cave and sluice, there are over 200 different specimens of gemstones and fossils.

Discover an especially nice gemstone? Take it to the clubhouse and you can have it set in a ring or other jewelry.


Gem Panning at Ranch OkobojiThe Wild Mining Adventure and Gemstone Sluice offer an exciting activities that kids love.  What could be better than finding your own buried treasure?

Visit the Ranch Okoboji web site to find out more about the many activities happening at the ranch.


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