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Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge


Are you ready for a mining experience?  Head out to the Quechee Gorge Mining Company and pan for your very own gemstones and fossilsEnjoy Quechee Gorge

Located in White River Junction, the Quechee Gorge Mining Company is located right next to Quechee Gorge and a state park.  You have many options when planning a vacation in Vermont.  You can enjoy hiking trails, fishing and camping.

After visiting the Mining Company, be sure to stop into the gift shop.  There are many Quechee Gorge souvenirs that you can purchase to remember your trip by.  Be sure to pick up a gallon of pure Vermont Maple Syrup.  Everyone loves pancakes and nothing goes better with pancakes than Vermont Maple Syrup.

If you are hungry, you can have lunch at "The Ott Dog" snack bar which features ice cream, sundaes, hot dogs, cold drinks and Vermont baked goods

Visit the Quechee Gorge Mining Company web site to find out more about their location as well as other attractions in the area.





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