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Putnam Museum

Putnam MuseumThe Putnam Museum and IMAX Theater located in Davenport, Iowa is a great destination for a full day of fun.

Explore the museum’s many exhibits.  On display permanently you can experience the exotic culture of eastern Asia in the Asian Gallery.  Then you can venture off to the Hall of Mammals where you can see animals on display from around the world.  Take a step back in time to ancient Egypt and see actual mummies at Putnam Museum’s Ancient Egypt display. 

There is much more to do in the Museum and when you finish exploring, there is always the IMAX Theater for a full afternoon of enjoyment.  Nothing is better than watching an IMAX movie with a hot bag of popcorn in hand.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie!



Putnam-Linwood Mine

Need a little excitement to round off your day?  How about the thrill of mining for gems?  Mining returns to Museum Hill with the Putnam-Linwood Mine! Bags of mining rough are available for purchase in the Museum Store.


Be sure to visit the Putnam Museum web site to find out about new exhibits at the museum.




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