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Polar Caves

Polar Caves Park


The Polar Caves were formed about fifty thousand years ago as the third continental glacier descended over New Hampshire's White Mountains. When the ice retreated, it left behind an amazing series of caves and passageways for visitors to explore. Self-guided tours take you to the rock garden and nature trails and through the caves.

Adventure in the caves


The Caves offer an adventure you will not soon forget.  Climbing up the walkways to the caves and then descending into them.  There are a few tight paths like the “Lemon Squeeze” and the “Orange Crush” which offer a fun journey from beginning to end.

After you finished exploring the caves, why not keep the adventure going with a little gem mining at the Polar Sluice?

The Polar Sluice is great for all ages. Buy a bag of Mining or Fossils rough and use the Sluice to wash away the dirt to uncover gems and minerals.

Mining for gems at the Polar Sluice

Polar Caves offers special group rates for youth groups, schools, and summer camps.  Visit the Polar Caves web site to get all the details.




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