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Other Fun Mineral Activities


Meet Corundum Carl



Corundum Carl would like to share some information with you about minerals.  You may not realize it, but we use minerals every day.  From the fluorite in your toothpaste to gold in a cell phone.  Minerals can be found everywhere and if you put them all together in one place, it would be a mighty big pile.  Click on Corundum Card and find out just how many minerals you may use in your life.



Learn about Mineral Faces


Mineral Faces

When minerals form a flat surface it is called a face.  Minerals can have many flat surfaces and when these faces join together, they form a crystal.  Download the activity page on the right and create your own mineral face or even a mineral cartoon character out of the mineral faces on the sheet.



Learn about Mineral Streak



Streak is the color of a mineral when it is crushed into a powder.  Mineralogists do a streak tests on a minerals to help identify them.

If you would like to learn more about streak, we have created an activity sheet about streak.  Click on the activity page on the right and see if you can find the streak for all of the minerals listed.


Grow crystals




Would you like to learn more about crystals?

We have put together a special activity where you can make crystals at home.

Click on the activity on the left and find out how to grow your own crystals.




If you like these projects, be sure to look over all of the free projects on the kids love rocks site.

We are always adding new fun activities for kids who love rocks and minerals.


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