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Orr Family Farm

Orr Family Farm


The Orr Family Farm is a unique family oriented farm in Oklahoma that offers lots of entertainment to its visitors. The Orr Family enjoys providing an educational insight into Oklahoma's agricultural history and heritage, in addition to offering unique attractions that provide pure enjoyment for all ages. 


Just look at some of the many things you can do at the Orr Family Farm:

Ride the trainYou can take a ride on A third-sized replica of the United States' first transcontinental locomotive, the famous Jupiter, the train will comfortably hold 100 children and adults.

Ride the charming, vintage 1974 carousel. Designed by Carl Theel the 'father' of quality carousels, the color and nostalgia of these old-fashioned "hobby horses," along with the carousel's lively music, make for delightful fun.


Mine for gemsPurchase bags of "rough" and learn about the exciting world of semi-precious stones by panning for them at the mining sluice.  Let the water in the sluice do all the work.  You start out with a bag of mining rough which looks more like a bag of dirt, but when you finish panning the rough you will reveal all the hidden treasures.  No two bags are alike making this a thrilling way to spend an afternoon.

Test your racing skills. The Farm has added the three-lane Orr Grand Prix Race Track with pedal cars.

Drop a line in the fish ponds. Hidden Lake is stocked with bass, crappie and bluegill. Six and eight-pound bass have been caught there. If you catch them, you can take 'em home! The fishing is free, but guests should bring their own fishing gear, bait and lures.

Old-Fashioned PhotosHow about an Old-Fashioned Photo shoot in the wild west photo gallery?  Both kids and adults love dressing up for the occasion.  This is a great idea for a family photo.

Enjoy a hay ride. The wagon trail ends at a fire pit for marshmallow and weenie roasting. 

If you are still hungry after the ride, the Farm has food concessions that serve up authentic farm delicacies to tempt even the pickiest eater. All-beef hotdogs, delicious BBQ brisket sandwiches, and pizzas of all flavors are just a few of the offerings.

Be sure to visit the animal barn.

In the Fall, the Orr Family creates a massive Corn Maze that offers more opportunity for fun.

There is always something new going on down at the farm.  Visit the Orr Family Farm to find out about school trips and group parties as well as plan your next trip to the farm.





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