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Old Erie Mining

Old Erie Mining is a mining adventure located in Syracuse, NY.  This educational experience is an opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about mining, rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Retired Science Educator, David Blakely runs the operation.  He envisioned the Old Erie Mine as a wonderful opportunity to get kids interested in science, the Earth, and all wonderful treasures that can be found within it.

Old Erie MiningAt the Old Erie Mine, kids venture into the mine and search for minerals, gems, and fossils.  Mine prospectors must wear a headlamp equipped helmet to strike it rich in the totally dark mine. With careful searching, miners will find treasures in the nooks and crannies of the mine.

In addition the the mining attraction, visitors can also go panning for gems at the 20' sluice.  Panning for gems at the sluice is lots of fun.  Buy a bag of mining rough and take it to your sluicing station.  Pour some of the rough into your screen and then let the sluice do the work for you.  As the water rushes over your mining rough, gemstones and fossils from around the world will be revealed!  What you find, you keep!  Each bag of rough is different, so you never know what you will get.  Panning for gems is lots of fun.

panning for gems

There are over 200 different minerals and fossils to be found, including amethyst, tourmaline, many types of jasper, tiger eye, and citrine to name a few.

If you would like to find out more, visit Old Erie Mining.




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