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New York Susquehanna Historical Society

New York Susquehanna Historical SocietyThe New York Susquehanna & Western Technical & Historical Society is a non-profit educational society interested in the preservation of the rich railroad history of New Jersey, most specifically that of the New York Susquehanna & Western Railway.

The Society has the only operating steam locomotive in the state of New Jersey and a fleet of over 20 passenger cars.

Knowing that the best way to learn about trains is to ride on one, the Society runs many rail-excursion trips throughout the year.  There is a wide array of theme oriented trips for kids to enjoy along with their parents. 

These include:

  • Mine Train
  • Easter Bunny Train Ride & Egg Hunt
  • Corn Maze Train
  • Day Out With Thomas
  • The Great Pumpkin Train
  • Polar Express

Lets take a look at the Mine train ride to the Susquehanna Mining Company.

Susquehanna Mining Company

Get your ticket and hop on the train for a exciting ride into the past.  The Mine Train takes you on a trip to the Susquehanna Mining Company. 

panning for gems at Susquehanna MineUpon arriving at the mine site your guide will tell you the story of Sylas Smith and how he found the mine.  Visit the Ole' Susquehanna mines operating sluice and learn how to pan for gem stones. Your train ticket includes a complementary  bag of  mining ore from  the Ole' Susquehanna Mine, so once you learn how to pan, you can try your luck and pan for gems at the sluice.

Gemstone Panning is a great activity for all ages.  Participants may find up to 11 ounces of gemstones in a single bag which may include amethyst, rubies, rose quartz, emeralds, crystals, and an arrowhead.  All gems are of high quality and may be suitable for cutting, polishing, and mounting.

To learn more about all the different train trips offered by the New York Susquehanna Historical Society, visit their web site.  




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