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Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

Natural Stone Bridge Caverns is a tourism destination for those who are interested in geology and the natural wonders of the Earth.

Natural Stone BridgeHome to the largest marble cave entrance in the east, the massive stone bridge arch at Natural Stone Bridge Caverns is a spectacular display of Adirondack geology. 

If you plan to make the 3/4 mile self-guided journey at the caves, be sure to bring good rubber-soled enclosed walking shoes, and a walking stick.  Along the walking trail you will see grottos and waterfalls and other geological formations.


You will not get lost, the tour map is number coded and provides information about the caves.   The walk is extensive and you should plan for an hour to see all the sites along the way.


Are you up for adventure?Are you the adventurous type?  If you are up for the challenge, the Adventure Tour is a must do activity. 

Adventure tours are available July 1st – Aug 31st.

You will be provided with a complete caving suit, including: helmet, light, jumpsuit, elbow and knee pads, groves, shoes and floatation vest!

This is a serious tour that will take you into the caves.  You must be willing to get dirty.  For those that are brave enough, this is a unique  experience you will not soon forget.  All adventure tours are led by trained guides.  Expect to spend 3 hours on the tour.

In addition to the caves at Natural Stone Caverns, there are many other activities you can participate in.  Here are just a few:

Gemstone Mining - This is your opportunity to find actual gemstones by panning mining ore in a sluice. As you wash dirt from a special bag in the screen tray provided, gemstones are revealed. Other bags available include fossils and arrowheads.

Exploring the crystal quest mineGold Rush Mine - For those wanting a mining experience in the dark, put on a helmet and light and explore our pitch black Gold Rush Mine to find treasures including iron pyrite, polished gems with new “veins” of rock found daily. You get to keep your treasures.

Explore the Crystal Quest Mine to find actual crystals buried in the sand.

at the Dino Dig you can uncover buried Dinosaurs bone casts that were made from actual dig sites!

Stone Bridge Disc Golf - Are you ready for a Frisbee challenge?  Test your skill on the 9 hole, par 3 disc golf course.

Caveman Challenge  - Take the challenge and see if you can make it across the 24' bouldering wall.

The rock shopRock Shop - A visit to the rock shop will keep you busy for hours.  There is so much to see.  The rock shop is filled with spectacular rock and mineral specimens.  You can purchase amethyst cathedrals, Mexican Geodes, quartz crystals, along with many other types of rocks. 

While at the rock shop you can get a geode cut to reveal the natural beauty locked within. 

Be sure to see the fluorescent rock display.  Special black lights reveal the hidden wonders of the rocks in this display.

There is so much to do, you may want to allocate more than one day for this trip.  Visit the Natural Stone Bridge Caverns web site to get more details about this location.





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