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Glitter Gulch Mining

Gliter Gulch Mining Company

Glitter Gulch Mining is a traveling mining attraction.  Whether it’s a town festival, school summer program, or other large event, Glitter Gulch can bring their attraction to you.  Your guests will have the time of their life as they experience the fun of mining for gems!

The Glitter Gulch Mining Company offers this educational experience to showcase how miners used a sluice to pan for precious stones.  Panning for gemstones and fossils at Glitter Gulch Mining is fun! 

A learning experience for young and old alike! Prospectors select a bag of mining rough enriched with gems and/or Fossils or both from around the world.

Small amounts of the mining rough are poured into the panning tray then dipped into the sluice.  As the water from the sluice washes over the rough, gemstones or fossils, or both, appear.  It is very exciting to see what your bag of mining rough will offer.  Glitter Gulch Mining is both an interactive and educational activity with over Two Hundred different Specimens.

Visit the Glitter Gulch Mining web site to find out more and make a reservation for your next event.




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