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Fun Factory

Fun Factory

Fun Factory Bouncing Parties is a premier interactive entertainment company specializing in fun, creative and exciting games for special events.  They do everything from birthday parties to corporate events. 

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the Fun Factory operates a 6,000 square foot facility.  They can host the party at their facility or bring the party to you.

The Fun Factory offers many types of specialty parties:

Old Time PhotosOld Time Photo Party - This theme based party allows its guests to dress up in a choice of over 100 costumes!

Cowboy Party

Build-A-Buddy Party - kids love stuffed animals.  What could be more fun than building your own personalized buddy? 

Groovy Glow Party

Tie Dye T-Shirts - Make your own t-shirt design.

Dance Party

Gemstone MiningGemstone Mining - Mining for Gems is the kind of fun that builds memories. Panning for gems and digging for fossils are great ways to build experiences that can be shared with friends and families. How does it work? Participants choose a bag of mining rough and take their bags of rough to the sluice where they pour a little into the water. As the rough washes away the gems appear!

The Fun Factory Mechanical BullBull Rides - If you are up for a wild ride, you can rent the Fun Factory Bull.  The Fun Factory Bull is not only a ton of fun, he’s a celebrity. 

ESPN Game Day
VH1 College Weekend
MTV Spring Break Special
Listen Up! with Charles Barkley on TNT
Redneck Games with Aaron Tipon

At the Fun Factory, No job is too large or too small, so visit their web site and find out more on how to schedule your next special event.





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