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The Kids Love Rocks Fun Club

Free Issue"It has often been said that every kid at one time in their life will have a rock collection!!  We at Cold River Mining Company want to do everything we can to produce programs and activities that ignite the passion for collecting and discovery that is ingrained in all of us.

The Kids Love Rocks website was our first step in this pursuit.  This website is free for kids and full of information, projects, and fun facts concerning rocks and fossils.  Many kids have gone to the site, read through all of the information, and are now ready for the next step.

Kids have been after us to expand our research and produce additional programs and activities so they can continue to learn and have more fun with the rocks and fossils that they discovered in one of our mining bags.  Therefore, step two of our plan has begun, and kids can
now continue to study about Geology, Paleontology and Mineralogy by becoming a member of the Kids Love Rocks Fun Club

The main goal of the club is to promote and disseminate knowledge of the earth sciences directly to kids.  We strongly advise kids to ask their parents about signing them up to become an active member right away.

There is no other publication like it for young mineral enthusiasts.

Throughout the year you will receive interesting articles about minerals, crystals, and collecting as well as fun activities (like crossword puzzles, word searches, cut-and-fold crystal models, coloring pages) to experience at home.  There will be crystal drawings to color, interviews with important mineral collectors of our day, and always suggestions on how to build and take care of a mineral collection.  We often include mineral art, mineral photography and articles by young mineral collectors.  All for just $20.00 per year delivered electronically to your email address each month!

Join today!!"




Please note:  all subscription fees are nonrefundable, but you can unsubscribe from our club using the button below.



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