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Fort Hill Farm

Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, Connecticut is a destination for people wanting to experience the pleasures of agricultural life and the outdoors.

The Fort Hill Farm is run by Peter and Kristin Orr along with three generations of their family. 

The farm has a little something for everyone.

The Corn MazeThe Corn Maze Adventure

Fresh Milk from the farm cows.  Be sure to stop in and visit the calves!

The Quintessential Gardens - offers unusual varieties of home-grown perennials, and perennials that don't take a lot of care, and perennials that hardly need any water.

The Quintessential Gardens

The Lavender Labyrinth - an experience your nose will not soon forget.

The Fort Hill Farm is a beautiful farm which as been featured in Yankee Magazine twice.

The farm has received lots of press and for good reason.  Visit the Fort Hill Farm web site today and discover for yourself why everyone speaks so highly of their agribusiness.



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