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Dinosaur State Park

Dinosaur State Park

Dinosaur State Park is one of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America! 

On August 23, 1966,  fossil tracks were uncovered during excavation for a state building.  With lots of hard work, this historic site was preserved for future generations because of the dedication and foresight of many volunteers, educators, and concerned citizens.

The Friends of Dinosaur Park and Arboretum, Inc., a non-profit organization, not funded by the state government, exists to promote and ensure the perpetuity of this significant, historic and educational resource and its related exhibits.

Each year the park holds Dinosaur State Park Day where they celebrate the discovery of dinosaur tracks in Rocky Hill.

Dinosaur Museum

The Park features more than 500 Early Jurassic dinosaur footprints preserved in place within the museum, alongside interactive exhibits highlighting dinosaurs, evolution, and Connecticut geology.

Come visit the park and learn more about dinosaurs.  If you would like more info about this location, please visit the Dinosaur State Park web site.




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