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Dig R Done Mining

Mining at Dig R Done

Dig R Done Mining is a family owned and operated mobile mining attraction.  Based out of New Jersey, Dig R Done brings the fun and excitement of mining for gemstones to any location be it indoors or outdoors.

Panning for gemstones

The fun does not end after it gets dark, because Dig R Done supplies everything including lighting for late night panning.

They have it all and you can pan for over 40 different types of real gems and crystals.  You will find gems like Peacock Ore, Moonstone,Tiger eye,Crystal Point, Ruby,and many more.  You can also find many different kinds of fossils, including shark teeth and amber.

Everyone gets excited when they find these treasures.

Finding gems at Dig R Done

Dig R Done Mining is a great attraction for birthday parties and special events.

Visit the Dig R Done web site and find out how you can bring the excitement of mining for gems to your next party.

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