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DeSoto Caverns

Desoto Caverns

Are you ready to go see one of the greatest natural wonders in the United States?  Desoto Caverns in Childersburg, AL offers one of the most concentrated formations of stalagmites and stalactites in the USA.  You and your family can embark on an underground adventure at DeSoto Caverns. Take the 1/3 mile walking tour through the caves and explore their natural beauty.  The cavern tour begins in a room that is twelve stories high and larger than a football field!

DeSoto Caverns is only have of your stay.  After your tour, you can enjoy DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park.  Desoto offers tons of activities and attractions that will keep you entertained all day long.  Just look at some of the many exciting things you can do at DeSoto Caverns:

DesotoCaverns1Gemstone Panning
Pan for gemstones just like the old prospectors used to: dipping your pan into the water trough and shaking away the sand. You can find onyx, rubies, pyrite, and other semiprecious stones! Everyone is guaranteed to find something!

Bow and Arrow Shoot
Practice up on your bow hunting skills, or compete against your friends in our multi-target bow and arrow course.

DeSoto's Cave Wall Climb
Fancy yourself a climber? Why not take a shot on our horizontal wall climb. This 250 foot wall gives you 10 challenging sections to master, and at the end it starts to lean out. Hold on tight! 

DeSoto's Park Express Train
Take a relaxing ride on the Park Express Train. You'll get a tour through our shaded park grounds.  



DeSoto's Lost Trail Maze
Can you escape?  This 3/4 acre maze is quite an adventure and is a great activity for all ages. You'll make your way through this giant maze while trying to find three towers along the way. Get a stamp at each tower, find your way out and compare your time with others in your group. 


Wacky Water Golf
No trip to the park is complete without a round of wacky water golf. Two streams weave in and out of every hole, giving each of them a unique water hazard. Jump your ball over the water gap, or dodge the water holes for a challenging hole in one.  

DeSoto's Disc Golf Course
Is your throw as good as your swing? Try this new and challenging round of disc golf. This is a 9 hole course. 

DesotoCaverns3Happy's Pedal Go-Carts
On your mark, get set, GO! These go-carts go as fast as you can peddle them. Race your friends around our winding track.

Crystal Find
Search the sand under the shaded hut for beautiful crystals to fill your bag. It's hard to find the big ones, but it's worth the search!


DeSoto's Cave Crawl Box
This attraction is different from anything you've done before. Here you'll get to try your skills as a cave explorer. You'll be amazed how this box twists and turns over and under itself taking you through 200 feet of simulated cave crawling. You can't miss out on this one! It's one of our favorites.

DesotoCaverns4Water Balloon Battle (Water Attraction)
Battle your friends in this all out water balloon war! You can either stand in the Spanish Fort or Native American teepee and fight to out-soak the opposition while dodging their constant attack. This is a great attraction for groups. 

DeSoto Caverns and Family Fun Park has so much to offer.  It is a true vacation destination.  If you enjoy camping, you can stay at DeSoto’s Campgrounds, but if you rather relax in a hotel or Bed and Breakfast, there are many near by to choose from.

Visit the DeSoto Caverns web site to find out more about the park as well as special school and group packages.




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