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Club Run Cave

Cub Run Cave


Discovered in 1950 by two teenage boys, Cub Run Cave has only been recently opened and available for the public to explore.  Today, Cub Run Cave is a true natural attraction enhanced with sturdy wooden walkways and modern lighting to showcase the caves beauty.  A world of excitement and wonder await inside Cub Run Cave. 

Inside Cub Run Cave, an adventure awaits.

While visiting the caves, do not miss your opportunity to go mining for gems and minerals. Children and Adults alike find delight at the panning sluice from Cold River Mining Company. Discover gemstones and minerals from around the world or uncover fossils 15,000 to 340,000,000 years old.  While panning, you will find keepsakes that you can treasure for years to come and it will remind you of your adventure at Cub Run Cave.

For more info about the caves, tour info, and discounts on lodging, visit the Cub Run Cave web site.


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