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Casa de Fruta

Casa de Fruta


With over 100 years of history, Casa de Fruta is a true American success story that blossomed from the roots of an immigrant Italian family. Since 1908 when the original ancestors planted the first orchards in the Pacheco Valley, Casa de Fruta has grown into a diversified operation encompassing a variety of business ventures. 

Gift baskets of fresh fruit, nuts, and gourmet candy


Amusements at Casa de FrutaThrough their web site, you can order up dried and fresh fruit, candies, gourmet goodies, and Casa de Fruta wines.  If you have the privilege of visiting Casa de Fruta you and your family are in for a treat.  Casa de Fruta is a huge operation that offers attractions and amusements, accommodations at the The Peacock Inn at Casa de Fruta or Casa de Fruta's RV Orchard Resort and you can eat at their restaurant. 


To find out more visit the Casa de Fruta web site.




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