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Beaver Trails Campground

Beaver Trails Campground and RV Park

Beaver Trails Campground is a Yogi Bear Jellystone Park.  The Jellystone franchise is the second largest RV Park franchise in the United States and offers family camping at its finest.

The Tolner Family


Beaver Trails Campground is run by the Tolner Family and they take pride in providing a the public with a Jellystone Park all the amenities necessary for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.



Beaver Trails Campground and RV Park is loaded with activities for the whole family.  Just take a look at some of the many things you can do while staying at this resort:

Yogi Bear’s Jumping Pillow - Bounce and jump for hours on Yogi Bear’s Jumping Pillow. 

Having fun on the water slideWild Water Slide Pool - Your afternoon will be filled with fun as you cool off at the water slide.

Big Beaver Family Pool - Everyone can enjoy the family pool.  It is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Sports Area - There is plenty of room for all your favorite sporting activities.

Cycle and Peddle Carts

Mini Golf

Petting zoo

Paddle Boats

Train and Wagon Rides

Rose Creek Mining CompanyRose Creek Mining Company - It is said that at one time or another every kid in America will have a rock collection of some sort.  Now Gem Mining can be a fun part of your next family vacation. Visit the Rose Creek Mining Company and pan for gems! 

Purchase a bag of mining rough and take it to the Rose Creek Sluice.  After you pour some of the mining rough into your sifting screen, wash away the sand and dirt in the running water of the sluice.  As the sand washes away, gems and fossils will be left behind as they will not be washed out through your panning screen.  Young and old will have a great time at the sluice.  You never know what you will find.  The best part is you keep everything you find!  Each bag is different, so this is a true treasure hunt.  Panning for gems is a great activity that is filled with excitement.

Fishing Pond

The Bear’s Den Arcade


Want more info, visit the Beaver Trails Campground web site and find out to make reservations for your next vacation.




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