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Barnyard Swing

Barnyard Swing Minature Golf

Barnyard Swing is an 18 hole Miniature Golf Course located in Cooperstown, NY.  It is a great stop for a full day of activities and all around fun.

Miniature Golf and Gem PanningWho is the pro golfer in your family?  Mini-golf is fun for all ages and it brings out the competitive spirit in us all.  Everyone loves playing mini-golf.  Each green is a challenge, so bring some friends and test your skill.

After your game, you can grab a nice cool ice cream cone.

Need a few more things to do?  How about a game of Air-Hockey or Pool.  If you are more adventurous, then Laser Tag may be more to your liking.

Do you like hunting for treasure?  If the answer is yes, then Gem Panning is the way to go!

Gem Panning  - Come experience the fun of panning for gems in a sluice modeled from those used in the California gold rush! The gem sluice was designed  especially for finding sparkly gems, minerals and fossils.  When you buy a bag of  "mine rough," the contents remain a mystery until it washed out in the sluice.  You are guaranteed to find gems and a chart with examples of some of the most common gems and minerals helps you identify what you find.

Experience the thrill of panning for gemstones and minerals.  You may find Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Orange Calcite, Green Calcite, Peacock Rock, Fools Gold, and Topaz!

Scooter Ride

New to Barnyard Swing is the Scooter Racer Ride.  The course  runs through the basement of the barn, out the front side and loops around by the creek. The ride is more than a 1/4 of a mile and loads of fun for the whole family!




Barnyard Golf also books Birthday Parties.  This is a great way to let the kids have a special day with all their friends.

If you would like more info, visit the Barnyard Swing web site.





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