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Aqua Marine


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berylAquamarine is a light blue variety of beryl.   Beryl is a mineral that is easily identified by it’s hexagonal shape.  See the picture on the right.  Aquamarine is a gemstone and is widely sought after.  Another well know variety of beryl is the Emerald.

The State mineral of New Hampshire is Beryl, although it’s gemstone is Smokey Quartz.  Aquamarine can be found in Colorado and it is the State gem there.  Aquamarine can be cut into beautiful gemstones as shown below. 


492-carat Aquamarine, Imperial Treasury, Vienna, Austria

Photo Credit:  Andrew Bossi CC-BY-SA-2.5


Aquamarine is recognized as the birthstone for March.  This mineral looks like the color of water and can range from almost clear to a light blue or blue green.


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